Direct Democracy

The Basics

Our democracies have always been run in the past by the mass voting together. When our societies became too large a representative democracy was necessary. Technology has moved on, democracy has not. Direct Democracy is the next step.

Vote for change, vote to make your MP back into a servant of the people.

The New Way

Direct Democracy enables every single voter of the constituency to decide how their MP will vote. If elected David Hopkins will, vote based on your influence on every major vote – YOU DECIDE, not David.

You can directly suggest ideas for David to put to the vote for anything you like.

We want YOUR ideas as to how we can make the Manchester Gorton constituency make EVERYONE’S lives better.

Fair Voting

David Hopkins will run regular polls online at and, if elected, provide SMS voting and APP voting to the community. YOU decide, David Hopkins does what YOU ask, NOT what government wants to force you to do.

One person CAN change the world, and as our message grows there will be more candidates running under the banner!

Direct Democracy Explained


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    - All donations will go towards the promotion of Direct Democracy.



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