David Hopkins – Trust and Transparency

We need something new. Something has to happen. Politics is not representing the people and it is time for a different system of democracy. David Hopkins is a new breed of politician engaging people in actual democracy. Direct Democracy whereby the MP becomes the voice of the people and every single vote matters all the time. People of the local area have the power to make decisions about the community they live in, become engaged in political decisions and make choices about their own lives. The MP just takes their decisions to parliament and implements the actions. True democracy.

Born in Kuwait to British parents, David came to the UK in ’91 during the first Gulf War fleeing the conflict. David grew up in Carlisle a traditional northern town, working since he was 15 on a furniture removal van and in the local night club, David has worked ever since and is no stranger to hard work.

David came to Manchester in 2006 and worked as a Care Worker and Labourer while putting himself through University. During this time he began to play rugby semi-professionally for Manchester and Stockport RUFC. He detoured into business starting at the ground up in a sock factory in Ancoats, progressing to factory manager within a year. David left to start his career in Social Work and is still good friends with the factory owners.

David began his Social Work career in a hospital and witnessed the inept Labour Government and then the drastic cuts of the Conservatives. Since then he has worked with the elderly, mentally unwell, people with learning disabilities and forensics. All through this time David thought that something is going wrong in our society, that people seem disconnected from their communities and society is failing many people and this needs to end, until now he couldn’t see a solution.

David is also the President of his local Social Club – the Carlton Club and runs a Cabaret there to encourage the community to come together in a friendly and creative environment. You can literally see anything there from sword fighters to scenes from plays in other languages. If you are interested in finding out more, the Chancers Cabaret can be found on Facebook.

David has been an integral part of our society through his time in this rich city. Manchester has shaped him through the culture, the music, sport and people. The time in Social Work has shaped David’s conscience making him care deeply for his community and created a drive to push for a stronger ties between all the people living in our local areas.

Working as a Social Servant, he doesn’t want anything other than to make YOUR life better and for those you love.

Having cared for many people in the Gorton district he is well aware of the issues affecting those who suffer.

Committed to setting up this new political system based on Trust and Transparency, David will put EVERY issue to the people and will vote in Parliament only as directed by the requests you make.

As politicians earn WAY too much he will be donating half of his salary to local projects – you can vote on where the money goes.

After all the scandals, finally, someone who wants things to be better for you!


  • Music by Vieka Plays with permission
    - All donations will go towards the promotion of Direct Democracy.

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